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Education ends exploitation. When we learn how traffickers operate in our communities, we become empowered to stop them from doing harm and provide trauma-informed care to those in need. Imua Alliance offers a wide variety of educational, professional, and community trainings to teach people about how to prevent sex trafficking and establish coordinated continuums of care for victims. All trainings can be provided in a virtual delivery format upon request. 


To obtain training for your organization, contact us with the name of the training you’d like us to provide, as well as your preferred dates and times. Benjamin Franklin once said, “There are three kinds of people: those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move.” Which one will you be?

In the Classroom
Giving a Speech
Doctor with Files

"Stop Traffick"

Our "sex trafficking 101" presentation explains how sexual exploitation operates on Hawai'i's shores. Suitable for all ages and organizations, this talk covers recruiting and grooming techniques used by traffickers, the psychological impact of traffickingthe severity of sexual exploitation in the islands, and how community members can become involved in the fight against slavery.

"It Ends With Us" (Secondary School Level)

Designed for students in grades 7-12, this presentation explains what human trafficking is and how it relates to the history of slavery. Our curriculum empowers students to become first responders for their peers and provides pathways for action when emergencies arise. Topics covered include sex trafficking prevention, healthy relationships, and the importance of consent.  

"It Ends With Us" (College Level)

College students are uniquely vulnerable to sexual exploitation, but well positioned to prevent further harm. In this presentation, we provide a college-level overview of human trafficking in Hawai'i that includes the socioeconomics of modern-day slavery, public policy related to human trafficking, and ways to prevent sexual violence on campus and provide care for those in need.  

"Not In Our School"

To prevent exploitation, school staff must be able to identify red flags and respond when trauma occurs. This presentation helps school administrators, teachers, counselors, behavioral health specialists, and other staff establish an evidence-based school-level protocol for handling cases of sexual exploitation in a coordinated and trauma-informed manner.  

"A Time to Heal" 

Medical professionals are critical actors in any coordinated continuum of care for survivors of sex trafficking. This training helps doctors, nurses, mental health practitioners, and other medical professionals identify the signs of sexual exploitation, understand the neurological and psychodynamic impact of trauma, and appropriately respond to victims who are seeking medical care.  

Street Protest

"A Better Man"

To end sex trafficking in Hawai'i, we must eliminate the demand from sex buyers that finances our state's prolific slave trade. This presentation focuses on the development of "healthy masculinity," in which traditional behavioral and gender norms associated with "being a man" are deconstructed to show how they undermine healthy relationships and inflame sexual violence.

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