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Slavery has no place in paradise. Not in our communities. Not in our islands. Not anymore. To combat sexual exploitation in Hawaiʻi, Imua Alliance provides a wide array of services for victims, from rescue to restoration. We also deliver prevention education and professional training, helping to stop sex trafficking before it begins and ensure that those who are harmed receive the trauma-informed care they need to heal. 
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No victim should be left to suffer in silence. Imua Alliance performs outreach to victims at high-risk sex trafficking establishments and operates a 24/7 victim advocacy network. Whenever possible, we rescue victims from sexual slavery. We've performed 165 victim rescues to date. Upon emancipating a victim, we coordinate comprehensive support services and emergency care, including basic needs, healthcare, trauma counseling, education, job training, legal assistance, and case management. 

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Education ends exploitation. Imua Alliance uses standards-based learning models to empower students to protect themselves from harm and build healthy relationships. We also train school staff in how to effectively respond to at-risk youth and develop trauma-informed protocols when cases of exploitation are identified. Finally, we offer professional and community trainings to help organizations, businesses, and the public implement successful awareness and intervention strategies. 


To end exploitation on our shores, we must enact victim-centered public policy. Imua Alliance has been at the forefront of anti-trafficking policy in Hawaiʻi for over a decade, drafting the state's bans on sex trafficking, revenge porn, and solicitation of minors, among numerous other reforms. We strive to enshrine better victim protections in state law and end the demand that finances Hawaiʻi's commercial sex industry, so that survivors of sex trafficking can obtain the justice they deserve. 

"We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll

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