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House Bill 2183/Senate Bill 2238 (Pending, 2024): Establishes safe harbor protections for survivors of sexual exploitation who seek medical or law enforcement assistance.

Senate Bill 2758 (Pending, 2024): Authorizes civil claims to be made against a business, owner, or operator of a transient accommodation, or other commercial entity that profits from sexual exploitation.

Senate Bill 2757 (Pending, 2024): Aligns state sex trafficking laws with federal law by making the commercial sexual exploitation of a minor a form of sex trafficking.

House Bill 2134 (Act 114, 2018): Prohibits  threatening another person with "revenge porn"  under violation of privacy in the first degree. 

House Bill 1902 (Act 206, 2016): Outlaws sexual slavery in Hawai'i by establishing the crime of sex trafficking as a class A felony. 


Senate Bill 273 (Act 243, 2015): Helps homeless people obtain or replace state identification cards by requiring the examiner of drivers to accept a sworn statement from a service provider as evidence of a homeless person's address.


House Bill 1926 (Act 114, 2014): Prevents law enforcement from engaging in sexual penetration or sadomasochistic abuse during prostitution investigations. Also eliminated the "mistake of age" defense, allowed reverse stings and increased penalties for solicitation of a minor for prostitution.


House Bill 1750 Act 116, 2014): Bans "revenge porn" in Hawai'i by expanding the offense of violation of privacy in the first degree to include knowingly disclosing an image or video of another identifiable person either in the nude or engaging in sexual conduct without consent.


​​House Bill 2038 (Act 119, 2014): Establishes  the human trafficking victim services fund to be administered by the Department of Labor and industrial Relations


Senate Bill 192 (Act 247, 2013): Establishes the crime of solicitation of a minor for prostitution.  Also increases the civil statute of limitations for coerced prostitution from two to six years and requires registration with the sexual offender registry for conviction of solicitation of a minor for prostitution as a tier 1 offense.


​Senate Bill 194 (Act 53, 2013): Makes  solicitation of prostitution and other sex buying offenses ineligible for deferred acceptance of guilty pleas.


House Bill 1068 (Act 245, 2013): Requires strip clubs and hostess bars to display a poster that provides the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline. 


House Bill 1187 (Act 246, 2013): Requires  mandatory reporting child victims of human trafficking by including minor victims of sex and labor trafficking within the scope of the Child Protective Act and laws relating to child abuse law, and designated January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

Senate Bill 2576 (Act 216, 2012)Allows a person convicted of prostitution to file a motion to vacate the conviction if the person is a victim of sex trafficking.

House Bill 240 (Act 145, 2011)Increases the grade of offense for promoting prostitution in the first and second degree to a class A and B felony, respectively. Also makes the offense of habitual solicitation of prostitution a class C felony and applies the law only to sex buyers. 

House Bill 141 (Act 146, 2011): Establishes the crimes of labor trafficking in the first and second degrees in Hawai'i, graded as a class A and class B felony, respectively. 

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