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In Hawai’i and throughout the United States, the average age of entry into sexual exploitation is 13-years-old. A victim’s initial contact with first responders, however, occurs at the age of 15, two years after being initially exposed to the sex trade. Effectively responding to the signs of exploitation is critical to preventing sexual trauma from impacting our community. 


When Imua Alliance provides anti-trafficking instruction in local schools, students report themselves or someone they know as being at risk of exploitation at a 2:1 ratio: two potential victims for every class we teach. They're often targeted in or around school campuses. To protect our keiki, teachers and school staff must be empowered to meet the unique needs of highly traumatized students. 


To identify at-risk individuals, Imua Alliance partnered with trauma care specialists to develop the Suspected Trafficking Assessment of Risk, or STAR, inventory. To complete the assessment, answer the questions below, then click submit. We will score the assessment within 24 hours and provide actionable feedback, including customizable suggestions for further action, to the email address that accompanies your responses.


All inventory responses will be kept strictly confidential. Educators and other adults may input identifying information on behalf of their students. The STAR inventory can also be completed without identifying information to maintain anonymity, if necessary. 

1. I feel safe and supported in my own home.
2. I feel like my family cares about my well-being.
3. I feel safe at school.
4. I feel like my friends and boyfriend/girlfriend (if you have one) respect me.
5. I feel pressured to have unwanted physical or sexual contact with other people.
6. Another person has taken photos of me that I am uncomfortable with.
7. Another person has pressured me to take photos of myself that I am uncomfortable with.
8. It is okay for me to have sexual contact for something of value, like money or clothes.
9. I am in control of my thoughts and actions.
10. I feel more valuable when I have physical or sexual contact with another person.

Thanks for submitting!

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