​​In 2014, IMUAlliance conducted a victim-centered survey of sex trafficking in Hawai'i. For our survey, we interviewed approximately 200 current and former sex trafficking victims. Our conclusions appear below.

  • 1,500 to 2,500 unique victims each year, 850 of whom are working on any given day.​
  • Average age of entry into prostitution: 13.4-years-old.​
  • Average age of Hawaiʻi victim: 17.2-years-old.
  • Annual underage victims: 54 percent, or 810 to 1,350.
  • Annual victims who began underage: 85 percent, or 1,275 to 2,125.
  • As many as 8,500 acts of solicitation per night, totaling a high potential estimate of 2,652,000 each year.
  • Up to $625,000,000 spent on sexual exploitation in Hawai'i.
  • Number of victims trafficked for 10+ years: 35 percent, or 525 to 875.
  • Number of victims trafficked for 5+ years: 67 percent, or 1,005 to 1,675.
  • Number of victims trafficked for 1+ years: 81 percent, or 1,215 to 2,025.
  • Number of victims who reported being physically assaulted while trafficked: 91 percent
  • Number of victims who reported being raped while trafficked: 77 percent.

IMUAlliance data is intended for public awareness, policymaking and research purposes. Please cite IMUAlliance when referencing our statistics.

Graphic credit: Mae Ariola, Hawaii Independent